Automation in Healthcare: Providing the Missing Piece of Usability

Automation in healthcare is being hailed as the “missing piece of usability,” with multiple use cases for data migration, greater efficiency, and revenue cycle management tasks. Yet, many aren’t aware of the additional benefits of adding automation to a digital health strategy. Many processes can benefit from the increased efficiency, reduced manual data input, andContinue reading “Automation in Healthcare: Providing the Missing Piece of Usability”

Top Healthcare Technology Trends in 2020

As we wind down 2019, it’s time to head to the crystal ball and predict the biggest healthcare technology trends for the coming year. Not surprisingly, 2020 will continue to focus on digital transformation. For patients, this means a greater focus on prevention, quality, and access, while for providers it translates to improvements in technologyContinue reading “Top Healthcare Technology Trends in 2020”