Did We Revamp Digital Health Collaboration During COVID-19?

Technology has unrealized potential to elicit powerful changes in healthcare. Breaking down barriers and coming together as a community benefits everyone, since we’re stronger as a group than we are as individuals. Was COVID-19 the “shot in the arm” we needed as a community, to work together toward the advancement of digital health? Collectively, asContinue reading “Did We Revamp Digital Health Collaboration During COVID-19?”

How Automation Improves Healthcare

Since the pandemic began, we’ve witnessed ways in which Robotic Process Automation (RPA) reduces gaps, increases organizational productivity, and streamlines operations. These are the driving reasons why many hospitals and health systems are embracing the benefits of RPA, and prioritizing it as a key aspect of their digital transformation. Here are a few areas toContinue reading “How Automation Improves Healthcare”

RPA Solves Problems, But It Requires People Skills to “Plug it In”

RPA has proven its value as a strong technology to support an enterprise’s strategic goals. But getting it right has its challenges. A successful implementation begins by finding the right processes to automate. Like many technology investments, success depends on having the right people onboard, who can help you push past the obstacles when theyContinue reading “RPA Solves Problems, But It Requires People Skills to “Plug it In””

The Benefits of Applying Automation to Population Health Goals

The COVID-19 global pandemic highlighted the need for a population health approach to identify and implement strategies in healthcare. In doing this, we quickly realized our inability to input, organize, and share data across and between information silos. Without a more complete “view,” our ability to measure is inaccurate, failing to meet the goals ofContinue reading “The Benefits of Applying Automation to Population Health Goals”