Transforming Healthcare with Simplicity

Most of us read (and love) the Dilbert cartoons. Scott Adams captures classic workplace inefficiency so masterfully. There’s one that comes to mind, about keeping things simple. It goes like this: Dilbert: “The secret to success is to keep things simple.” Alice: “Do you mean simple in the absolute sense or relative to the alternatives?”Continue reading “Transforming Healthcare with Simplicity”

Automation Provides a Rapid ROI to Common Healthcare Finance Processes

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) empowers healthcare organizations by enabling them to scale common finance initiatives with a proven ROI and minimum investment. There’s no wonder that growing numbers of Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) are automating financial processes. This allows finance teams to refocus time and energy on tasks that require human intervention, while offloading mind-numbing,Continue reading “Automation Provides a Rapid ROI to Common Healthcare Finance Processes”