Top Healthcare Technology Trends in 2020

As we wind down 2019, it’s time to head to the crystal ball and predict the biggest healthcare technology trends for the coming year. Not surprisingly, 2020 will continue to focus on digital transformation. For patients, this means a greater focus on prevention, quality, and access, while for providers it translates to improvements in technologyContinue reading “Top Healthcare Technology Trends in 2020”

Automating the Prior Authorization Process to Reduce Time, Eliminate Inaccuracies, and Save Money

Hospitals and physician offices are forced to use a tedious and inefficient referral authorization process. Because of the number of different payers and plans in any market, there are multiple portals with varying requirements for revenue cycle operations. An obstacle to accuracy is information residing in multiple systems, making it difficult to reconcile or linkContinue reading “Automating the Prior Authorization Process to Reduce Time, Eliminate Inaccuracies, and Save Money”

5 Myths About Automation in Healthcare

Automation, RPA, AI… it seems these are the buzzwords of 2019. Many leaders, inside and outside of healthcare, have indicated interest in applying automation as part of their organization’s strategic goals, and why not? Get more done with less, sign me up! As hospitals and patient care organizations are increasingly implementing enterprise EHRs and dealingContinue reading “5 Myths About Automation in Healthcare”

Power a Digital Workforce for Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management costs consistently rank as some of the largest expenses for healthcare and hospital systems. What can be done to better manage rising costs and tighten up cost structures? Here are five examples of applications and processes where a digital workforce, supplied through intelligent automation, is most effective: Charges to Cost Centers, OrderContinue reading “Power a Digital Workforce for Supply Chain Management”

To Create Success, Focus on the End User

How do you measure success? Some measure it by outward appearances, a salary package, job title, or a new house. Others focus more attention to inward measurements of success like a level of satisfaction, good health, a depth of well-being and a heart filled with compassion. The latter definitions are much like our vision forContinue reading “To Create Success, Focus on the End User”

Why Use Automation in Healthcare?

Automation Delivers Performance and Economy Hospitals and health systems are multidimensional business entities, laden with data-driven processes impacting a variety of internal and external stakeholders. Automation closes any gaps in communication, while organizing and accelerating the flow of data. Think of automation as a digital workforce, inputting volumes of data with 100% accuracy, and eliminatingContinue reading “Why Use Automation in Healthcare?”

How Healthcare Wins with Automation, AI, and Machine Learning

Quality and Consistency Automation ensures that every action is performed the same way, with high quality, reliable results. This reduces the amount of time spent perfecting one task, or inputting manual data elements as a corrective action. Information is input the same way every time, eliminating repetitive processes and improving organizational productivity. As healthcare becomesContinue reading “How Healthcare Wins with Automation, AI, and Machine Learning”

Hospitals, Health Systems, Healthcare Provider Organizations Improve Processes with Automation

Deloitte conducted a 2017 global survey of more than 400 leaders from various industries. Fifty-three percent of respondents said they’d already implemented RPA technology. This percentage is expected to increase to near-universal adoption in the next few years. Automation empowers hospital and health system professionals to accomplish a wider array of responsibilities within time andContinue reading “Hospitals, Health Systems, Healthcare Provider Organizations Improve Processes with Automation”

Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Healthcare Automation Vendor

According to Accenture, “Nearly 90% of organizations believe the ‘Triple-A Trifecta’ of automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) will become the holy grail of business and process transformation.” The pressure is on to find better ways to accomplish tedious tasks in digital health. These three technologies; AI, machine learning, and automation are not only savingContinue reading “Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Healthcare Automation Vendor

Can You Hear Me Now? When Healthcare Tech Has a Failure to Communicate

Boston Software Systems Automation Powers Efficiency With eClinicalWorks Patient Kiosk Boston, Massachusetts: 

Boston Software Systems uses automation to attach documents that are created in the patient kiosk system to patient records in eClinicalWorks EMR. This eliminates the need for manual processes, and is a repeatable process that can be used across the community health system,Continue reading “Can You Hear Me Now? When Healthcare Tech Has a Failure to Communicate”