Is Burnout Adequately Addressed in Healthcare?

In a 2019 study by the National Academy of Medicine, “35 to 54 percent of U.S. nurses and physicians have substantial symptoms of burnout, and the range for medical students and residents is between 45 to 60 percent.” The highest prevalence of burnout occurs in primary care-oriented specialties, although there are indications that burnout isContinue reading “Is Burnout Adequately Addressed in Healthcare?”

Build the Business Case for a Digital Workforce in Revenue Cycle

By adding a “digital workforce” to the revenue cycle, healthcare organizations are empowered to organize, streamline, and accelerate processes to improve accuracy, shorten reimbursement timeframes, and minimize inconsistencies. A key element to revenue cycle digitization is the strategic application of automation. By automating process tasks, revenue cycle managers can eliminate errors and tackle the mostContinue reading “Build the Business Case for a Digital Workforce in Revenue Cycle”

When EHR Enablement is Like a Fragile House of Cards

I was a kid who loved creating a house of cards. The structures relied on both balance and friction in order to stay upright. Card houses built on a shaky foundation collapsed quickly. The fun, for me, was seeing how tall I could build these structures without collapse. I built my houses with strong foundationsContinue reading “When EHR Enablement is Like a Fragile House of Cards”