Elevate Your Automation Capabilities: Improved Functionality in MEDITECH

MEDITECH’s Expanse EHR has been described as an elevated experience for clinicians, patients, and communities. Boston Software Systems has served the MEDITECH market for three decades, bringing increasingly sophisticated workflow automation tools to over 500 hospital customers on MEDITECH EHR systems.

Automate Your Future Appointment List From 1 System or 50

The need to manage the 20-30% of information that never completely makes it through a data migration, is what defines a smooth transition and reduces operational challenges that decrease patient volume, drain downstream costs, and create months of administrative burden.

Appointments, schedules, medications, labs, allergies, medical histories, and surgical preference cards, are among those items that exist outside of the initial integration. Whether you’re looking to add future appointments to one system, or fifty systems, the process is the same, does not involve human intervention, and can be completed over a weekend, with no disruption to staff.

Improved Time to Value

We’ve improved the time to value aspect of automation for all of our MEDITECH Expanse clients, by creating features and enhancements in Boston WorkStation 20 (BWS20) that make it more intuitive and easier than ever to create and benefit from automation technology.

  • BWS20 for MEDITECH cuts migration time and costs by as much as 50% and ensures completeness, accuracy, and compliance, with no adverse effect on existing architectures.
  • BWS20 for MEDITECH allows health systems to have the right information in the right system for the right user from day one.
  • BWS20 for MEDITECH ensures a complete and accurate patient record, and eliminates duplicate documentation issues.
  • BWS20 for MEDITECH makes it easier for users to create automations that improve business processes and remove the human burden (and waste) from the system.

Improve Operational Efficiencies In MEDITECH Expanse

New feature enhancements include:

  • User Interface (UI) feature enhancements
  • Enhancements to browser automation tools
  • Enhancements to File and Image utilities
  • Numerous documentation changes and additions

When all of your data is in one place, you can push and pull it from anywhere. The new features and enhancements, built specifically for MEDITECH, make it easier and faster than ever to eliminate mind-numbing manual steps and free your staff time for higher priority tasks.

Why Boston Software Systems?

Boston Software Systems is the leading standard for workflow automation and system integration, enabling organizations to streamline complex business processes and improve productivity. Over two thousand organizations worldwide respond to regulatory and business initiatives by using Boston WorkStation to automate and improve processes throughout a variety of departments. We’re excited for you to try these latest tools to improve organizational efficiency.

We’re ready when you are! For additional information, just give us a call to schedule a demo. After our initial conversation, we’ll provide you with a Scope of Work within 2 business days. Then, it’s time to schedule, with most implementations complete in < than 30 days.

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