Keep Your Focus on the Customer

The value of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in healthcare is in helping people get more done with less. Hospitals and provider organizations are using RPA ‘bots’ to access files, organize and complete forms, submit claims and reports, and eliminate the administrative burden of manual data entry tasks. But, after the ink is dry on the contract, customer support becomes a key differentiator in the ongoing use and sustainability of systems and services.

Customer Experience is a Team Sport

At Boston Software Systems, we do things differently. We don’t see support calls as one-way, transactional relationships, but rather situations in which we become extended members of the customer’s team. Being proactive means engaging with the customer to find a solution, then advocating for the customer until the issue is resolved. Our customer experience scores are the highest because our support team invites questions instead of evading them. That’s why we outranked UiPath in the “Best in KLAS 2022” scores. Our customers say it best, “I have never encountered another vendor that is better than Boston Software Systems in terms of their professionalism and customer service. When we work with the vendor’s support people, they fix our problem 100%. If I get stuck on a script, I can call Boston Software Systems, and they help me write what I need and/or show me how to use the tool.”

Solidify Customer Loyalty

There are few things that impact a brand’s reputation more than the way they respond to customers. Did you know that it costs five times more to acquire a new customer than it does to retain a current one? According to a 2020 study conducted by Shep Hyken’s CX consulting firm, “96% of customers are willing to leave a business if they receive bad service.” In healthcare, vendors too often pay more attention to prospective customers than they do to existing ones because that’s where the opportunity is.
Encouraging a customer to be vocal and express concerns provides you with an opportunity to solidify customer loyalty.

Shawn Yeaton, Director of Technical Support and Systems at Boston Software Systems states, “I ask each customer to reach out before they’re aggravated.” When customers run into issues, they need help quickly, not merely a tactical band-aid. We receive feedback from every customer call, and we take every touch-point as an opportunity to improve.

Listen Actively

Listening to customers effectively takes a variety of skills. Active listening in customer support means being totally focused on the words that the customer is saying, understanding what those words mean, and responding in a way that validates the issue and brings resolution to the situation. Actively show that you’re listening to what your customer is saying, by never interrupting, demonstrating concern, and asking questions. Our support team partners with you to help you better understand where and how to apply RPA, in order to maximize the potential of automation.

Respond Effectively

The adage about teaching a man to fish applies here. The time that you spend educating your customers will pay off tenfold. In healthcare it’s even more important that systems and services work effectively for the right user at the right time. Customer experience is the number one vendor differentiator. Every encounter is another opportunity to raise your customer experience scores.

Our customers stated, “The vendor absolutely does what they say they will do. Unlike a lot of other vendors that are entering this space, Boston Software Systems actually knows healthcare. They interact with us.” At Boston Software Systems, we respond quickly, listen actively, and strongly encourage our customers to call back if they have issues. Because we understand the role that exceptional support plays in usability and sustainability.

We are a different RPA vendor. We do not have long queues, chatbots, or 24-hour waits for urgent responses. We have people who are passionate and purposeful and want to help. The customer experience means everything to us. We’d love to share our successes with you.

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