Improving the Customer Experience in 2022

Today’s consumers expect a lot from brands. The customer experience (CX) involves everything from the level of service a company provides to the usability and support of its products. It deepens with the “handoff” between sales and support, and carries the weight of the brand’s success, by building deeper connections, greater value and continued loyalty. A tight “fit” is necessary for today’s technology services and solutions. Gaining a short and long-term competitive advantage depends on your ability to focus (and achieve) reachable goals. What messages can highlight your strengths as a company? Here’s a few ways to keep customers engaged during the coming year.


Expect 2022 to see a renewed focus on product personalization. By investing time and energy into the use of technology services, brands can develop closer, more personalized experiences with their customers at scale. This is a trendy topic in 2022, and one that allows a company to expand its competitive advantage. There is no one-size-fits-all in technology services. There’s not a set rule of thumb for the level of support a company provides, so expect to see a lot of companies leveraging the opportunity to “reach one, teach one” through personalizing the customer experience. By better understanding how people, processes, and technology intersect, companies can create a deeper connection, and greater brand loyalty. It’s important to “meet customers where they are,” and personalize the customer experience across physical and digital channels. McKinsey reports that companies that are able to personalize the CX across channels can expect up to 15% revenue growth.

Improve Contact Resolution Rates

Getting in touch with customer service should be easy and fast. And resolving issues with one call is paramount to achieving customer experience success. Embody an “active listening” model in which you repeat and confirm the information received. Isolate the problem, so that you can effectively work on a solution. Don’t just deliver information, teach your customers how not to repeat the same situation. At Boston Software Systems, our customer support team receives feedback from every support call. By being authentic, keeping our promises, and resolving issues on the first call, our marketing team receives weekly acknowledgements like the following:

“I cannot thank you enough for your assistance with the medication acknowledgement script. You were so determined to make it work and it is working great! Thank you for your time and diligence. I hope that you forward this to your supervisor to ensure they know how wonderful you really are at your job.“

Make sure that your internal teams work cross-functionally, to create effective interactions at all points of the customer journey. Providing customers with the tools they need to make their lives easier not only improves usability, but it ensures continued success.

Never Stop Improving

Companies with great customer experiences have higher referral rates and customer satisfaction scores. This translates to higher customer loyalty and retention. Once you follow through on providing an outstanding customer experience, your investment will pay off as an advantage over the competition. Engage through multiple channels such as social media listening, customer feedback requests, and suggestions. Gather requests and comments, and use a form for future product enhancements. According to Forbes, “getting CX right is no longer a luxury, but a critical business priority.” Every member of your team has a role to play in the customer experience, so hire authentic, honest, and transparent people. With the right CX strategy in place, it not only helps to improve the present day customer experience, but also makes your organization customer-centric for the long term, and this is the best word-of-mouth marketing there is.

Why Boston Software Systems?

At Boston Software Systems, we remain true to the level of service our clients have come to expect for over 30 years. No one in the company is unapproachable. We keep our promises and work hard to maintain customer loyalty by going that extra mile in everything we do. We’ve worked with all EHR vendors and applications, and are available on-site or in the cloud. We hope to work with you in the coming year.

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