Customer Experience: The New IT Imperative

As a leader in healthcare, you need to find a way to deliver timely, flexible IT services with the agility of the cloud, yet without the complexity. A great customer experience (CX) occurs when you co-create value with consumers and deliver more than is expected. Leadership, including CIOs, were previously focused solely on the product being implemented. Today, the same C-Suite leaders are asking themselves:

  • What do we need to support a next-generation operating model?
  • How can we streamline our processes and minimize waste?
  • How can we support our people?

New approaches evaluate the critical alignment of tools and systems as well as the downstream effects on the organization.

IDG’s 2021 State of the CIO survey found, “78% of responding IT leaders said that interacting directly with customers has increased in importance during the past year.” By embracing a people-first mindset, CIOs are listening and responding to the needs of customers and implementing scalable, flexible, transformational experiences that create better long-term success. It’s one thing to be able to sell a story, but to succeed in an IT initiative you need the right people with the right tools in place.

According to Forrester’s CX index, top-performing brands “lean into meeting core customer needs.” In many healthcare organizations, technology can improve the customer experience by streamlining some of the repetitive and tedious manual tasks that administrative staff perform every day. According to Deloitte, this is the “low-hanging fruit in the move to the future of health and a customer-focused health economy.” As health systems continue to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, it will become even more vital to scale up new technologies, prove the use case, then transition to a longer-term, enterprise-wide approach.

As customer experience becomes the new primary focus for healthcare CIOs, many are turning to Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to streamline enterprise operations and reduce costs in revenue cycle, data migrations, telehealth, and reporting. RPA reduces type and click, copy and paste, and manual data entry tasks, making it the perfect digital ally to assist already strained workforces. As CIOs become more familiar with RPA, they realize it is a more affordable solution compared to AI, offering the same benefits with far less cost, faster implementation times, and utilizing fewer critical resources.

The customer experience has always been first and foremost at Boston Software Systems. It’s why we ranked so high in the “Best of KLAS 2021” customer satisfaction category. Boston WorkStation was given high scores in overall product quality and driving tangible outcomes. The product “works as promoted, and delivers a ‘money’s worth’ return on investment, with quality of training, support, and ease of use driving the value add.” Our customers say it best:

“Unlike a lot of the other vendors that are magically entering the space, Boston Software actually knows healthcare. They are able to physically interact. They absolutely do what they say they will do.”

According to experts from the Pew Research Center and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center, “the ‘new normal’ in 2025 will be far more tech-driven, presenting additional challenges.” Their view is that the relationship between people and technology will only grow stronger as larger segments of the population come to rely more on digital connections for work, education, healthcare, and daily interactions.

About Boston Software Systems

At Boston Software Systems, all we do is healthcare. We value agility, scalability, and the customer experience. We deliver an exceptional project implementation that drives customer satisfaction, loyalty, and a fast ROI. We’ve worked with all EHR vendors and applications, and are available on-site or in the cloud. To view the Best in KLAS 2021 report, visit the KLAS website, or simply fill out this form to download the eTech Spotlight and take a look at how we rank against the competition.

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