KLAS 2021 RPA Satisfaction Scores

KLAS Research released their annual “Best in KLAS 2021” report last week on Software and Services. We’re thrilled to be introduced in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) vendor category, a new market segment for 2021. KLAS puts forth significant effort to find the true story of what is happening with every healthcare vendor solution. New for this year, they highlighted companies that have impressive data points to consider.

Boston Software Systems scored high on the KLAS RPA satisfaction scale, ranking second place in the #RPA category.

Having a consistent approach, knowledgeable team, fast response times, and reliable results makes a difference to our customers. It’s always good to be noticed, and we’re grateful for this overwhelmingly positive response:

With the software average for KLAS Related Products being a score of 82.8, Boston Software Systems scored a solid 90.8 in terms of overall ranking.

KLAS gave Boston Software Systems solid A’s in company culture, loyalty, operations, and value, uncovering these insights from our customers:

  • 100% of Boston WorkStation customers report Boston Software Systems keeps their promises.
  • 100% of Boston WorkStation customers report that Boston Software Systems is part of their long-term plans.
  • 100% of Boston WorkStation customers report that they would purchase from Boston Software Systems again.

Company Culture, Loyalty, Operations, and Value

Boston WorkStation was given high scores in overall product quality, and driving tangible outcomes. The product “works as promoted, and delivers a ‘money’s worth’ return on investment, with quality of training, support, and ease of use” driving the value add.

Here’s a sample of the feedback received:

Physician, Service and Support

I have worked so closely with the vendor, and they have been amazing. I was always on the phone with their developers and working on tweaking their code, validating, and redoing things. Boston Software was just so great to work with. I have worked mostly with the vendor’s worker bees. They have given us great service, so I would assume the executive level has been good too, but I didn’t work directly with the executives.

Director, Technology

Unlike a lot of the other vendors that are magically entering the space, Boston Software actually knows healthcare. They are able to physically interact. They absolutely do what they say they will do. A lot of the other vendors out there send files back and forth, and that has got a lot of failure points. The last thing that I need is to manage more files going between multiple systems, hitting multiple FTP sites, and then the reconciliation that is required to maintain that. I like that the robotic process automation (RPA) is able to do the work that an actual human would do while scanning through information. The only difference is that the RPA is going 24/7. The RPA is running constantly.

CIO, Implementation and Training

I have no dissatisfaction with the implementation services, so I would give the vendor the highest score. The implementation and training were pretty straightforward, so I have no complaints.

CIO, Interfacing and Integration

When it comes to supporting our integration goals, our goals are in a limited niche, so I would give the vendor a pretty high score. I do some interfacing, and the system works the way I need it to. The functionality is meeting my needs.

“We couldn’t be more excited for KLAS to initiate coverage of RPA in the Healthcare market. While many other research firms have been covering RPA, they are not sector specific. KLAS’ reputation in healthcare is unparalleled as they are part of the fabric of the healthcare community. We know the work they have done will help healthcare organizations select vendors that can deliver results in these trying times.”
– Matt Hawkins, EVP Healthcare Strategy

Thank you, KLAS Research, for taking the time to speak with our customers. Quality is an integral part of our company culture and we look forward to every opportunity to improve, year over year.

Why Boston Software Systems?

Boston Software Systems’ singular focus is healthcare. We remain true to the level of service our clients have come to expect for over 30 years. We’ve worked with all EHR vendors and applications, and are available on site or in the cloud. To view the Best in KLAS 2021 report, visit the KLAS website, or simply fill out this form to download the eTech Spotlight and take a look at how we rank against the competition.

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