Boston Software Systems Latest Release, BWS20, Debuts in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

An increasing number of businesses are moving to the cloud, including businesses looking to take advantage of Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Boston Software Systems, the global leader in healthcare-specific RPA solutions, announced this week that its latest product offering, Boston WorkStation 20 (BWS20), is now available in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

The AWS Marketplace is a digital catalog customers can use to find, buy, deploy, and manage third-party software, data, and services that customers need to build solutions and run their businesses. RPA in the cloud allows you to move your organization to solutions and services faster. Our hospitals and health systems can now integrate the end-to-end Boston Software Systems platform with Amazon’s enterprise-ready cloud infrastructure.

Features of Boston WorkStation 20 on the AWS Marketplace

BWS20 makes it faster and easier than ever for users to significantly increase the speed and scale of RPA initiatives, providing a digital workforce for EHR/EMR data migrations, revenue cycle management initiatives, and workflow efficiencies. These digital “bots” work 24/7, completing tasks and automating legacy system-based processes, driving digital transformation without an extensive lift-and-shift or rip-and-replace effort. Features include:

  • New Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Content Object-Based Approach for Building Automations
  • Build from Workflow Recording or Screen Capture

With the onset of COVID-19 we’ve witnessed an uptick in RPA initiatives. The association between Boston Software Systems and AWS enables organizations to deploy and scale automation with agility and confidence.

“Being in the AWS Marketplace will place our clients in the driver’s seat, allowing them to scale up their digital transformation efforts, and immediately start using the software, bringing maximum value to their organizations,” stated Matt Hawkins, EVP of Healthcare Strategy.

  • BWS20 is designed for enterprise workloads and runs on AWS.
  • BWS20 provides security integration for AWS environments.
  • BWS20 enables management for your cloud environment.

Boston Software Systems’ recent recognition as an emerging healthcare services company in the KLAS 2020 Research Spotlight is based on direct feedback from our valued customers, who stated our top strengths include:

  • A solid, stable platform and a product that works as promoted.
  • Strong project management skills and strong client partnerships.
  • Valuable insights, with a clear focus on ROI.

In fact, 100% of clients stated they would purchase again, solidifying our 30 years of client-driven experience with a singular focus on healthcare.

Why Boston Software Systems?

Boston Software Systems is committed to providing additional options and avenues for our customers to access and use RPA technology in the most efficient ways, establishing an RPA Center of Excellence (CoE) for optimization and scalability.

For additional information, visit:

Now it’s easier and faster to get started with an RPA project. If we can answer any questions, or provide a fast walk-through of the product, let’s chat for 30 minutes. We’ll let you know what can be live in < 30 days.

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