How Automation Improves Healthcare

How Automation Improves Healthcare

Since the pandemic began, we’ve witnessed ways in which Robotic Process Automation (RPA) reduces gaps, increases organizational productivity, and streamlines operations. These are the driving reasons why many hospitals and health systems are embracing the benefits of RPA, and prioritizing it as a key aspect of their digital transformation. Here are a few areas to begin an RPA project, with a proven ROI:

Healthcare Revenue Cycle

Revenue cycle is a top area of focus for healthcare. According to a Deloitte study, managing receivables to maximize revenue and working to leverage and access debt are top financial initiatives plaguing many healthcare CFOs. As you seek to build a stronger foundation, revenue cycle automation increases efficiency and reduces the “cost to collect.” Onboarding is fast, and a positive ROI is realized in most cases within the 12 months. Here are a few of the areas that save people time and resources:

  • Benefit and Eligibility Checks
  • Prior Authorization Management
  • Vendor Contract Management / Contractual Analysis
  • Collections / Payment Processing / Write-offs / Adjustments

Supply Chain and Materials Management

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed gaping holes in the US supply chain. Many of the processes in hospitals and healthcare organizations were being executed through older, under-performing IT systems, or running inconsistently within or between databases. Adding automation to this department ensures accuracy and allows staff to prioritize vendor relationships. A few of the areas to apply supply chain automation:

  • Charges to cost centers
  • Single and multi-facility inventory control
  • Routine and ad hoc reporting
  • Purchasing, logistics, and purchase order processing

Lab and Telehealth Processes

A major challenge has been the need for labs to handle considerably higher test volumes. This created strains at multiple points throughout the process, but especially in orders and results reporting. The projects below have proven to be the most impressive, allowing organizations to reduce bottlenecks and improve processes during this uncertain time:

  • Accelerate COVID-19 testing and remote site reporting
  • Automate test result reporting, bed, and case counts as required by CDC/HHS
  • Automate lab order entry, registrations, kiosk, and questionnaire data
  • Centralize data from multiple areas/units/facilities impacted by COVID-19

Partnerships and Technology Collaborations

Growing an organization’s ecosystem includes alliances with innovative companies, and we’re grateful to be connected with some of the best. We were recognized as an emerging technology vendor in a new KLAS 2020 Research Spotlight, a company that maintains strong client partnerships. Some of the reasons it makes sense to partner with us include:

  • Accelerated pace of digital transformation
  • Scale time, resources, and cost to deploy
  • Build market advantage with a proven solution
  • Collaborate on best practice guidelines for success

Why Boston Software Systems?

Boston Software Systems has been ensuring RPA projects remain on track since 1985. Bridge the gaps with a proven business model that maximizes effectiveness and reduces manual, tedious tasks across the healthcare ecosystem.

The global crisis has pushed healthcare to innovate like never before. We’re seeing hospitals and health systems add an RPA project to their digital stack, to cut costs, improve organizational performance, and speed time to value.

We’re ready with a fast ROI and a Q4 implementation. Give us a call: 866-653-5105

With most solutions implemented in < 30 days, savings are right around the corner.

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