Boston Software Systems Prioritizes Usability of RPA Tools with Latest Release: BWS20

Boston Software Systems Prioritizes Usability of RPA Tools with Latest Release- BWS20

Boston Software Systems, the leader in healthcare automation, is building upon their existing powerful and accurate platform for healthcare automation, with the BWS20 release, including the new Content Connection.

This release enhances usability with new features and tools and packages them in an updated User Interface (UI), making automations easier to build and maintain across a wider variety of skillsets. This release is 100% backward compatible, allowing users to continue running their automations without any adjustments.

Content Connection in BWS20 is application agnostic, allowing the same tools and automations to easily function across workflows requiring interactions with multiple applications and windows.

“We couldn’t be more excited for the release of BWS20. We believe it is truly a game changer for our clients. Allowing for automation code sharing, faster development of automations that run more efficiently, and creation of data that can be leveraged in our productivity dashboard.” – Matt Hawkins, EVP Strategy

New User Interface (UI) and Design Engine

The new UI provides a clean and simple approach to automation without losing any of the advanced power and functionality.

  • Build from recording
  • Easy to use UI
  • Drag and drop functionality

Object Model Automations

Our new content based approach along with greater text readability has overcome past challenges to make automation easy and faster to implement in any environment leveraged upon across projects. Updates can easily be applied across all automations through the database management, making things easier and faster for end users.

  • Faster, easier build of automations
  • A database of objects for added flexibility
  • A once and done automation that can be applied across all automations

New Tools That Make Building Automations Easier

Less training and quicker build mean your teams get automations running faster and easier than ever before.

  • New mouse and keyboard devices that make keystrokes, mouse clicks, scrolling, and clicking easy to automate
  • Compare utility tools for faster troubleshooting and updating
  • Code snippets that allow you to easily create common functions

Greater Text Readability

Reliably automating virtual desktop environments has been a tough nut to crack in automation. BWS20 improves fonts, and fuzzy numbers.

  • Faster processing
  • Quicker build
  • Better interaction with more font types and applications

With many moving parts in the healthcare industry, there are enough challenges faced in becoming more streamlined and efficient. We listened to our users, and came up with a better, faster, and more efficient way to build automations, with BWS20. Scalable, repeatable, and more manageable.

Recent Quotes after Using BWS20:

“The keyboard and mouse and rectangle and drawing utilities are wonderful – I love them.”

“The content objects make a HUGE difference in our ability to automate Citrix published apps.”

It’s easier and faster than ever to get started with RPA. Ready to improve your operational performance with BWS20?

Contact Boston Software Systems at 866-653-5105 or visit us at:

Matt Hawkins, EVP Strategy
Boston Software Systems

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