Is RPA the Missing Piece in Healthcare?

We hosted the #HITsm chat today, exploring the topic of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in healthcare. In examples ranging from EHR data migration to revenue cycle management tasks, telehealth, and more. RPA is helping hospitals, health systems, and technology partners keep up with increased demand, ever-changing regulations, and the challenge of uncertainty in today’s healthcare landscape.

RPA challenges the status quo of work and evaluates the most effective digital/human combination for the job. RPA was a driver of change in organizations long before COVID-19, but is seeing a resurgence in boardroom discussions because of its place in a post-pandemic recovery process.

What we all agreed on is the fact that healthcare is a people business. At its core, healthcare does and will continue to require people, at every stage of the process, to get the design right, align to the needs of others, and to sustain changes over time. There is no doubt that we need the human element from beginning to end.

Yet the pandemic brought to mind areas of disconnect currently in healthcare. Gaps that when closed, improve connectivity, workflow, and usability. And we’ve had great success with aligning our solution to these needs. As our CIO stated, “I can’t count how many customers who were genuinely grateful for what we do – it’s personal, and improves their daily work lives, which is an unsung benefit of RPA, and exhibit eight hundred and fifty four as to why I love it.” That level of passion and personal involvement highlights our commitment to customer success. People are and will always be the power behind Boston Software Systems.

We had a great time chatting about RPA in healthcare today. We’re happy to continue the discussion at any time, just schedule a call. In minutes, we will show you what can be implemented in days, improving efficiency, eliminating bottlenecks, and reducing cost.

Why Boston Software Systems?
Give us 30 minutes to explore your most time-consuming workflows and learn how we can provide a great return on investment (ROI) with automation. With over 95% of our projects completed in under 30 days, savings are right around the corner.

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