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The White House confirmed Wednesday that it has ordered hospitals to send data on COVID-19 patients straight to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), instead of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Under the current system, about 25,000 medical centers report their information each day to the CDC. The changes mean that individual hospitals will instead report information to either their state (pending a written release from HHS), or to a data management firm, TeleTracking, to coordinate the federal reporting. According to reports, these changes were ordered because many hospitals were failing to report their data “fast enough.”

Carrie Williams, a spokeswoman for the Texas Hospital Association, was quoted as saying, “it has been an administrative hassle and confusing to constantly be shifting gears on reporting while hospitals are on the front lines during a pandemic.”

The Fast-Moving Nature of the COVID-19 Crisis Underlines the Need for Timely Data

How is this accomplished without placing additional burden on an already overwhelmed health system? Our clients are using automation to push the reports to federal, state, and local authorities, ensuring accuracy, timeliness, and preventing administrative data fatigue.

Our result reporting automations can be implemented immediately, freeing up your most valuable resource, people.

As meaningful, actionable insights reach the hands of physicians, public health departments, facilities, and locations of care, we can fast-track tracing and treatment options, by removing the burden of manual reporting. This accelerates greater efficiencies in the hospital and health system and in turn, better outcomes for patients.

Automation is a Defensive Ally to Hospitals and Healthcare Providers

Using automation has allowed our customers and technology partners to quickly adapt to changing conditions and ease financial stressors. The projects below have proven to be the most impactful, allowing organizations to address losses, reduce inefficiencies, and improve productivity during this uncertain time:

  • Accelerate COVID-19 testing by automating lab and remote site processes
  • Automate required reporting of test results, bed, and case counts as required by CDC/HHS and state agencies
  • Process revenue cycle transactions, tasks, updates, and reporting
  • Automate patient registrations, patient kiosk, and COVID-19 questionnaire data
  • Monitor and manage productivity gaps for a widely distributed, remote staff
  • Centralize data from multiple areas/units/facilities impacted by COVID-19

When tackling healthcare’s biggest challenges, you need more than just connectivity from one access point to another. You need industry-leading automation solutions coupled with the expertise to apply them to your unique workflows. Automation can assess organizational risk levels by compiling detailed reports with the latest information tailored to the needs of each location, each physician, and each organization. Automation can ease the burden of reduced staffing by automating reporting tasks, aligning to workflows, and speeding efficiencies to downstream revenue targets.

Why Boston Software Systems?
In most cases, our automation solutions are deployed in less than 30 days, with some in less than 10 days, offering an immediate ROI. We have 30 years of experience working across a wide-range of healthcare vendors and applications.

Contact us. We won’t take up much of your time. We can get the process started quickly so you can get back to caring for patients: 866-653-5105. We’re also available to connect via Twitter, @bossoft.

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