Increase Efficiencies in Supply Chain and Materials Management with Automation

Supply chain and procurement departments are strained, not only on procurement, but by the additional human resources necessary to physically place orders, check inventories, and manage critically needed materials. Our client hospitals have found success in navigating these COVID-19 challenges by using automation in materials management and supply chain. Automating tasks normally handled by staff frees up those human resources to concentrate on work that requires human contact, like researching and procuring supplies via alternate channels, scheduling delivery from central stores to departments, or maintaining a better pulse on use rates and needs. Our ability to combine data from multiple sources and systems allows for better overall management of time, productivity, and resources. Backlogs are reduced and inventory management is efficiently processed.

Reduce Expenses and Increase Organizational Productivity
Process automation is a pivotal solution to economically accelerate, organize, and execute the exchange of data used in supply chain management. Stakeholders throughout the hospital and health system benefit from the increased efficiency automation brings while improving productivity and eliminating errors.

Automation is applied via the same data pathway in which manual keyboard-driven entries are made, enabling hospitals to balance orders and inventory without an additional strain on human employees. Automations are efficient and accurate, ensuring faster delivery to the needed locations.

Prioritize Tracking and Traceability
Accurate tracking and traceability is an important aspect of a hospital’s response to COVID-19. There is a greater sense of urgency to create transparency in existing supply chains. Automation becomes an integral resource to drive consistent and reliable data performance. As your organization continues to adapt, automation can enable supply chain and materials management to maintain a pivotal lead in productivity, enabling those areas to provide higher levels of patient care at a lower cost.

  • Account for data paths within and between units, facilities, and stakeholders
  • Prioritize demands for organizational resources and personnel
  • Consistently expand the scope of engagement into additional processes as they evolve to maximize efficiencies and reduce cost, complexity, and user fatigue

How Automation Reduces Costs for Hospitals and Health Systems
You have enough to do with limited resources, overwhelmed staff, and monetary changes to the health system. The effort wasted in manually working with data diminishes as automated processes improve organizational efficiency.

When supply chain and materials management processes are improved, there is a positive cost and productivity impact for numerous stakeholders. Based on the sheer variety of departments, items, processes, and the 24/7, 365 days-a-year operating model of hospitals and health systems, materials or supply chain management is in constant motion and so is its data. When automation is implemented, people are empowered, processes are more efficient, and organizations perform at higher levels of productivity.

Moving Forward
Utilize automation as an integral resource to reduce complexity and drive data performance in materials management and supply chain processes. As your organization changes, automation will enable supply chain and materials management to maintain a pivotal lead in productivity, enabling those areas to provide higher levels of patient care at a lower cost.

Why Boston Software Systems?
Boston Software Systems understands that people are driving the processes in caring for thousands of patients every day. These healthcare workers are the true heroes during this pandemic. If we can help, to optimize the materials and supply chain management so that your people can concentrate on higher priority tasks, give us a call. We won’t take up much of your time. Our solutions are flexible enough to work for many departments and can be implemented fast, requiring no additional strain on resources.

Contact us. We won’t take up much of your time and we can get the process started quickly: 866-653-5105. We’re also available to connect via Twitter, @bossoft.

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