Leveraging Automation in Healthcare

Leveraging automation in healthcare has proven to deliver real benefits. The Deloitte Global RPA Survey found that “53% of respondents have already started their RPA journey. This is expected to increase to 72% in the next two years.”

Leaders are no longer debating the benefits of digital health. It is the right tool to fight this pandemic and has a strategic place in the post-COVID-19 workforce. Automation is driving the ability to align to workflows, eliminate errors, and increase operational efficiency, all ways that allow organizations to thrive despite challenging times and uncertain economies.

We’ve witnessed unprecedented growth in the healthcare sector, mainly because of the need for a better, faster, more accurate way to process tedious tasks that were formerly left to manual data entry. What is even more interesting is that smaller organizations realize as much, or even greater, benefit as the larger ones. To maximize value, hospitals and health systems are leveraging automation technologies, such as RPA, to improve the efficiency and accuracy of process tasks, while reducing administrative challenges such as remote working situations, long hours, and extreme data fatigue.

How should you begin applying automation within your organization?

Set Clear Expectations
Automation involves changes to existing roles and tasks so it’s important to coordinate the technology with the right presumption. Align your automation strategy with a vendor who is familiar with healthcare challenges and has thousands of automations running in hospitals and health systems across the globe every day. An experienced vendor can predict and mitigate potential project issues, making implementation faster, easier, and able to provide a better return on investment.

Keep End Users in Mind
If the automation doesn’t work for the end user, it won’t be successful. Aligning to the needs of the end user allows organizations to free up resources and re-align to higher priority tasks that depend on a human connection. The end game for leadership is to incite transformational improvement. By aligning with the needs of end users, we are able to implement a reliable automation program that is flexible to scale across the healthcare enterprise.

Identify Quick Wins
As the only healthcare-specific automation vendor with 30 years of success, we are able to identify “quick wins” for beneficial results. We’ve seen immediate benefit in the COVID-19 crisis in reporting, data migrations, and revenue cycle management. We’ve also seen a surge in the need for productivity reporting and have implemented the Boston Productivity Dashboard in less than 10 days with no 1st year licensing costs, to give organizations a better “view” of remote working conditions and performance.

Apply to Additional Areas
What we often see is an immediate need to automate an existing process or workflow, then a realization of the benefits achieved, and a desire to expand this to multiple areas of the organization. CFOs, finance leaders, and internal departments cite reduced cost as the underlying driver in all of the initial projects. Once the benefits are realized, it’s easy to apply the same “lessons learned” to multiple departments across the healthcare ecosystem for improved efficiency and reduced cost. Additional areas ripe for automation success have included change management, human resources, inventory, and supply chain ordering.

Leveraging automation in healthcare delivers real benefits. The Boston Software Systems team allows organizations to build a strong foundational framework and earn the organization’s trust. But, don’t listen to us. Listen to our customers:

“Thanks to all for the help. Once again you set the bar that very few of our partner vendors can meet. It is much appreciated.”

“A process that took six people up to eight hours of data entry is done in approximately 90 minutes.”

“Boston WorkStation allowed us to decrease duplicate documentation, lessen productivity constraints, and increase patient satisfaction by reducing the time spent waiting for data.”

“We saved 10 hours a week and recovered 2 million dollars a year in ED billing.”

“By improving the flow of clinical data, and sustaining an up-to-date EHR system, we have been able to fulfill the requirements of our physicians and improve patient care.”

“Dashboard deployment was complete in less than 10 days, providing managers with a better view of organizational productivity in a remote working situation.”

Why Boston Software Systems?
In most cases, our automation solutions can be deployed in less than 30 days, some in less than 10 days, with an immediate ROI. Our commitment is to healthcare.

We’re here to help. We won’t take up much of your time and we can get the process started quickly: 866-653-5105. We’re also available to connect via Twitter, @bossoft.

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