Why We Began a Daily “Crisis Series” on Social Channels

Recently, we began a “daily crisis” series of posts on our social channels to help people navigate this “new normal.” An integral part of our daily conversations revolve around social distancing, working remotely, sheltering in place, and staying home. The subject matter we are confronting makes it even more critical that organizational leadership address one of the most enduring features of this pandemic, the need to deal with the mental health of their employees, families, customers, and partners. This has been a game-changer in our lives and the lives of those important to us. We are all trying to create a pathway through this storm and build a foundation for growth as we move beyond the pandemic. We thought it important to reach beyond how we can help hospitals and health systems ease the daily burden of higher throughput and reduced resources.

We felt the need to help people in our communities with coping skills, life hacks, and shared resources that might be the light needed to get through the day.

We made it colorful, with splashes of blue and orange, to lighten the mood. We gave it a lot of white space, to be inviting and minimalist, and we designed the templates with the idea that we all need the help of others right now.

Whether it’s through making a job easier, because there is less time/people/resources, or making a day easier because someone provided a helpful tip, it’s one way everyone can help each other get through the most challenging times.

I want to challenge the community and other teams, instead of focusing just on the bad stuff, let’s do something to make each other smile every day.

Why Boston Software Systems?
Boston Software Systems is the high performance standard in healthcare automation. We exclusively focus on the hospital, health system, and healthcare provider organization industry sectors. No other RPA company possesses our 30 years of expertise, or level of experience in clinical, administrative, financial, and revenue cycle health.

If we can help in expediting orders or routing results, gathering data from disparate sources or putting together actionable reports during this pandemic, please give us a call. Our mission is to simplify tasks, so you don’t have to work harder in an already difficult situation.

Contact us. We won’t take up much of your time. We can get the process started quickly so you can get back to caring for patients: 866-653-5105. We’re also available to connect via Twitter, @bossoft.

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