Why You Need Healthcare Automation for Revenue Cycle Health

Automating mundane business practices allows health systems to focus on improving revenue cycle health. The use of an AI-driven digital workforce consists of process automation, cognitive automation, and built-in reporting capabilities. It doesn’t require a robot, but it does offload manual redundancies like checking payor websites, making sure data is filled accurately, or increasing the speed of completing repetitive, transactional processes.

Focus on Strengths Not Data Burden

Revenue cycle departments become much more strategic when focusing on health system strengths rather than administrative burden. Costly, labor intensive, error-prone tasks are exactly where automation shines, transforming the business of healthcare and taking the waste out of the system.

Technology-driven process automation is implemented via the same route as manual data entry. This makes it an ideal tool to apply at the front-end of claim management to better understand the claims process, check claim status, and offload tasks so that the staff can handle what’s most important for human interaction. The goal of using automation is to “add” a virtual employee who can go through the logical steps in a claims process, accessing the data needed in multiple systems, and filling in missing or incomplete information necessary to process the claim. Often this is completed after hours or on weekends, allowing for much faster processing. Boston Software Systems takes the steps necessary to turn repetitive, error-prone manual input into accurate, complete information.

Actionable insight to improve clinical, financial, technical, and organizational performance is gained by automating the following processes:

  • Checking for prior authorization
  • Eligibility checking
  • Managing data between multiple systems, sifting through data volumes, extracting the right information for the right documentation
  • Payment processing
  • Collection activities normally reserved for manual data entry

Improve Productivity with a Digital Workforce

Resources are always a challenge. Time is always an issue. Automation allows your staff to be more productive during working hours, offloading the tedious tasking to machines. With 100% accuracy, no additional staffing, and no days off, our automation platform is the perfect claims management solution.

More streamlined revenue cycle management can help you improve clean claim rates, reduce the number of days in A/R, and increase “dollars in the door.”

So, if you’re looking for ways to do more with less and stop the bleed of rising costs, DON’T invest in a robot, but DO invest in healthcare automation solutions, as healthcare automation provides the most economical way to shorten the revenue cycle, reduce waste, and improve efficiency in the era of AI and machine learning.

Why Boston Software Systems?
A reputable healthcare automation partner can help you identify processes that will benefit most from increased automation and allow you to scale with ease. Finding a partner with an exclusive healthcare focus ensures the solution will be aligned with workflows, reduce pain-points associated with process implementation, and speed alignment to future health goals.

Boston Software Systems’ experience has been ensuring automation projects remain on track since 1985. Working across a wide-range of vendors and applications, we are experts on streamlining workflows, reducing costs, and improving usability for hospitals, health systems, provider organizations, and technology partners. We have worked with all of the leading EHR vendors, optimizing usability and role-based user satisfaction.

Give us one hour, we will tell you what can be up in running in days or weeks. With over 95% of our healthcare automation projects being completed in under 30 days, savings are right around the corner.

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