Hospitals, Health Systems, Healthcare Provider Organizations Improve Processes with Automation

Deloitte conducted a 2017 global survey of more than 400 leaders from various industries. Fifty-three percent of respondents said they’d already implemented RPA technology. This percentage is expected to increase to near-universal adoption in the next few years. Automation empowers hospital and health system professionals to accomplish a wider array of responsibilities within time and budgetary constraints. Our ability to strategically apply automation technology minimizes repetitive tasks, allowing hospitals and health systems to get back to the basics of patient care.

Where is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Useful in the Hospital?

It is a technology administered via the same pathway through which people make keyboard entries, providing a “digital workforce” to automate extensive data – heavy exercises, making it a great choice for reducing manual keystrokes, errors, and time in the following areas:

Password Management:
Automatically re-syncs all passwords when a user changes a password in main HIS system so user retains a single password identity. Enhances user experience, reduces complexity.

New User Setup Process:
Simplifies on-boarding of new employees, by launching a network account, sharing a network folder, adding permissions, registering users, mapping network drives.

Software Installation:
Initiates and completes software installation with a minimum of steps, speeds uniform access and user adoption.

Scheduled and Ad-hoc Reporting:
Actively supports ongoing healthcare IT management oversight, provides performance details sooner, frees up time for priority data management work.

Data Migration:
Transfer of data from legacy systems and from multiple sources for consolidation and integration.

Interface Monitoring:
Checks interface connection status several times an hour; if an issue arises, an email notification is automatically generated; IT resolves issue prior to user discovery.

Automation actively supports ongoing healthcare IT management oversight, provides performance details sooner, and frees up time for priority data management work. This is an optimal way to accelerate, organize, process, and transport large volumes of data quickly and accurately to more easily achieve operational goals.

There are numerous opportunities to apply automation technology in the healthcare IT environment. If you are seeking new opportunities to successfully apply it, consider these base parameters to engineer an assessment:

  • Seek out processes demanding an inordinate amount of time combined with repetitive, rule-based manual data tasks and staff time; then rank these according to scale
  • Prioritize based on rank impact and concept with an automation strategy for each
  • Engineer a process automation solution, test and apply in a pilot approach

Strategic Advantages of Automation in the Hospital or Health System

  • Works within and across an array of existing old and new user interfaces, applications, programs, systems and platforms
  • Consistently performs at high-levels around the clock regardless of peaks and troughs in user demand or data volume
  • Accelerates and accurately processes data with a minimum of exceptions – and precisely isolates those exceptions for immediate review / resolution
  • Reduces burden on staff, shortens timelines to accomplish data management tasks, and provides quick results for data-dependent decision-making
  • Is an effective resource for IT, clinical, administrative, financial, purchasing, materials management, scheduling, reimbursement, and patient safety initiatives

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Since 1985, Boston Software Systems is the dedicated leader in healthcare automation. Hospitals, health systems, and providers have streamlined data management and improved accuracy while reducing costs and administrative burden. We have worked with all of the leading EHR vendors, while optimizing usability and user satisfaction.
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