Top 5 Reasons You Should Consider a Healthcare Automation Vendor

According to Accenture, “Nearly 90% of organizations believe the ‘Triple-A Trifecta’ of automation, analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) will become the holy grail of business and process transformation.”

The pressure is on to find better ways to accomplish tedious tasks in digital health. These three technologies; AI, machine learning, and automation are not only saving time, reducing costs and improving clinical and administrative burnout, they are revolutionizing the way we work. Which of the following can your benefit your organization?

The Top 5 Areas Ripe for Automation

1. Error Reduction
Automation tools are always accurate, eliminating the need for manual oversight, correction, and repetitive tasking. Without the need to upgrade existing systems, automation can improve repetitive clerical tasks, giving staff more time to focus on higher-level responsibilities such as resolving complex insurance issues, and improving the quality of patient care.

2. Data Migration and System Sunsetting
The transfer of data from legacy systems and from multiple sources for consolidation and integration traditionally leaves critical information gaps resulting in missing or manual data that needs to be resolved in the new system. Automation closes the gaps, bringing over ALL of the data that’s needed, checking for accuracy, and placing it in the correct patient chart or scheduling system from day one, eliminating data migration chaos and disruption to the healthcare ecosystem.

3. Revenue Cycle
Automation allows your staff to be more productive during working hours, offloading the tedious tasking to machines. With 100% accuracy, no additional staffing, and no days off, automation platforms provide the perfect claims management solution. Prior authorizations, eligibility checking, payment processing and collections activities are all optimal areas for automation technology.

4. Supply Chain
Organizations are utilizing automation as an integral resource in reducing the complexity of data performance in supply chain management. By continually integrating automation as a solution, a wider variety of tasks, units and stakeholders benefit from up-to-date inventory, ordering and pricing information. As your organization grows, automation powers inventory management, asset tracking, and price transparency, enabling these areas to provide higher levels of patient care at a lower cost.

5. IT and Operations
Automation accurately performs short or long manual data entry, complex calculations, processing and sorting data in disparate systems. Healthcare IT managers routinely deal with thousands of medical data challenges and other healthcare information management tasks each day. Automation applied to IT operational areas like downtime reporting, user management, employee records and dictionary management not only increase productivity, but reduce manual tasking and improve ROI. Having access to an analytics platform allows organizations to assess performance and ROI for automation, and provide easily presentable details to leadership teams.

Through the intelligent use of automation in healthcare, we can improve tedious processes, and get back to caring for patients, practicing empathy and having real conversations, away from computer screens. How will you benefit from increased productivity and reduced cost?

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