We Don’t Care Who Gets the Credit, We Just Want to Bridge the Gaps

Boston Software Systems has been in business for 30 years, connecting EMR/EHR/PM/RCM data across system silos, searching through disparate systems in multiple facilities, and bridging the gaps in mergers and acquisitions. People don’t know our name, and that’s ok. What they do recognize is their Cerner, BigE, Allscripts, Meditech, CPSI, Athena, Siemens, GE, McKesson, eMDs, other systems work better for role based users.

Boston Software Systems uses a Migration Automation Platform (MAP), to bridge data silos and ensure the clinical, administrative and operational teams have the information they need, when they need it and where they need it, for optimal usability.

As an industry, we talk about establishing a culture of community participation and improving the process of communication across information silos. But, in effect, we operate within the walls of hospital and provider office, oftentimes within their proprietary medical record, building roadblocks to care rather than bridges.

Aligning technology to existing workflow has historically been a difficult task for vendors. They want to create a “new” workflow, bringing over only “partial” information to a new EHR, limiting the “view” of the patient record. This impedes care coordination efforts, adding complexity rather than accelerating a culture of quality, performance and value.

According to HIMSS, “Interoperability is the ability of different information systems, devices or applications to connect, in a coordinated manner, within and across organizational boundaries.” Unfortunately, we have not accomplished this in a productive manner. It’s difficult for us to “connect the dots”, and “bridge the gaps” in documentation, lab tests, data migrations or daily workflow, as data resides in multiple systems, which require manual access. With a sole focus in healthcare and all US based support, Boston Software Systems knows how to #bridgethegaps through intelligent automation solutions. Give us a call. We’ve been here for 30 years- we’ll be around.

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About Boston Software Systems
Founded in 1985, Boston Software Systems is the worldwide leader in machine learning and healthcare automation. With an exclusive focus in healthcare, expert knowledge of HIPAA, PHI and security regulations, and entirely US-based support, Boston Software Systems accelerates the performance of data, eliminates technical complexity, cuts cost, and improves workflow for the entire healthcare ecosystem.

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