Boston Software Systems Announces Lab Automation Solutions

Aug 29, 2019

Boston Software Systems announces the company’s intelligent automation (IA) project to develop an improved process for hospital labs and externally-linked facilities, harnessing the ability to dramatically improve efficiency and reduce data-driven user fatigue.

“RPA is growing quickly because it helps companies to automate an array of previously manual business processes such as inputting data, without needing to replace their legacy systems.” – Gartner

Central Lab Automation Improves Lab Efficiency, Reduces Data Fatigue

The Problem:
Comprised of three hospitals totaling over 1,000 beds, 1,600 doctors, 4,700 nurses and 9,000 employees; the hospital laboratory supports healthcare provider organizations in a three-state region, processing over 8.5 million laboratory tests annually. Their central laboratory had a significant workload, and requested help with data management.

The Goals:
Reduce data burden on laboratory, pathology, medical, and administrative staff
Improve user satisfaction and organizational productivity
Lower expenses and clinical / technical complexity

The Results:
Manual data-driven processes now perform at a greater level of speed and accuracy
Thousands of hours in data entry and administrative time were eliminated
Ongoing expenses were reduced and performance goals improved

About Boston Software Systems
Founded in 1985, Boston Software Systems is the worldwide leader in machine learning and healthcare automation. With an exclusive focus in healthcare, expert knowledge of HIPAA, PHI and security regulations, and entirely US-based support, Boston Software Systems accelerates the performance of data, eliminates technical complexity, cuts cost, and improves workflow for the entire healthcare ecosystem.

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