Healthcare Technology Firm Prefers BSS RPA Software Services

July 27, 2018

A leader in healthcare technology solutions for doctors, hospitals, health systems and other healthcare provider organizations has selected Boston Software Systems as a strategic resource partner. The company has developed an array of solutions which encompass the integration of multiple systems used in clinics, hospitals and other points of care. They encapsulate data into a single profile for physicians, nurses and other clinicians to access for a comprehensive record of individual patients easily accessible on computers and mobile devices. The data covers CPOE, medication reconciliation, e-prescribing, care documentation / notes, reports, test results review, secure messaging, charge capture and other details.

The organization centers its data solutions on physician workflow, financial performance applications and operational processes. They chose Boston Software Systems based on our 30 plus years of exclusive focus in healthcare, advanced robotic process automation (RPA) technology and intrinsic understanding of patient care, healthcare organization operations and clinical / business applications. The companies will collaborate on enriching existing solutions and developing new applications focused on healthcare provider organization clinical / technical needs and the healthcare-engineered adaptability of our RPA development expertise.

About Boston Software Systems
Founded in 1985, Boston Software Systems is the worldwide leader in machine learning and healthcare automation. With an exclusive focus in healthcare, expert knowledge of HIPAA, PHI and security regulations, and entirely US-based support, Boston Software Systems accelerates the performance of data, eliminates technical complexity, cuts cost, and improves workflow for the entire healthcare ecosystem.

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